Does Mentor Financial Group Provide Funding to Buy Real Estate?

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Peter Conti and Jerry Norton’s Mentor Financial Group, LLC says that it can get you access to funding to pay for fix and flip properties and the they will help you get the deal done in exchange for splitting the profits with you. The way this developed was through Jerry Norton’s contacts with private lenders who have helped to fund his fix and flip deals over the past four years.

Jerry started out in 2005 initially wholesaling to get started, then he did lower end fixers in the Detroit area, then nicer home flips, next he met up with Peter Conti and it wasn’t long before Jerry’s “do it now” attitude and ability to think and act big allowed him to quickly become one of the most sought after experts in flipping homes and commercial real estate.

Over the years, Jerry had developed hundreds of connections with private lenders who now provide the funding for Jerry and Peter’s residential fix and flip clients along with the bridge funding for their Commercial Back Flips TM. Jerry’s ability to quickly and clearly communicate to the investors the benefits of funding potential deals is something that all of Mentor Financial Groups clients are working to emulate.

Most of the clients who are working with Mentor Financial Group are able to tap into the funding sources that Jerry has established as they get their real estate investing business off the ground and running. Then, using the strategies that Jerry teaches in the training programs, they are able to transition over to developing their own private investors.

Jerry Norton loves to teach other investors the techniques and systems for fixing and flipping residential properties, flipping commercial properties, and how to raise money. He has taught thousands of investors all over the U.S. and now has clients in seven other countries who are using Mentor Financial Group’s strategies to make money from distressed real estate.

Jerry Norton is married with 5 children and living in Michigan, Jerry enjoys time with his wife, traveling in his RV, boating, wakeboarding, and scuba diving when he’s not working. He also enjoys coaching his kids sports events, serving in his church, vacationing, and spending time with his family.

Now, Jerry Norton and Peter Conti are helping their students to flip properties all across the country. You can read how they do it by getting their free special report called “How to Make Quick Profits Flipping Houses Using Our Money”. To get this now, go to www.MentorFinancialGroup.com/flipping-houses-report

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